Control Valve


Globe Type Single Seated

Model F-2000 control valves have single seat, top guide, and simple streamlined body with lower pressure drop, so that these valves are available for applications controling high viscosity fluids and slurry. Also, there are small valves with 15mm port size or less and small flow plug.

The actuators are designed compactly as multi-spring diaphragm operated type, and permit high thrust.

  F-2000 Series


Ball Valve Flanged End

Model F-3000
ˇE Split Body 2 piece type, or 3 piece type, to allow inspection and maintenance on all internal parts.
ˇE Available in Stainless Steel. Cast iron or Carbon Steel Body construction
ˇE Anti Blow-out Stem.
ˇE Fire-Safe design or Non-Fire-Safe design
ˇE F-F dimensionsˇGANSI B16.10. Yone Std. or Din 3357(1k)
ˇE End-FlangesˇGANSI B16.5 JIS B2210 or Din 2501
ˇE OperatorˇGLevel Operator, Gear Operator high thrust.

  F-3000 Series